The following list of texts have been annotated using an SIL program called Shoebox. Later, some or all of these were imported into another SIL program called Fieldworks for further analysis and specifically to be sure all words were included in the Lexicon.

The document pdf Interlinear Codes (463 KB)  provides a list of the interlinear codes and abbreviations. Generally, the interlinear codes, such as \tx, \at, etc are not shown in these documents but may be determined from the linear ordering. Good luck with working it all out. Do let me know of glaring errors. 

The following articles may be freely downloaded:

Betrothal narrated by Chingaru Ram, c1967-68

Old Woman narrated by Durga Ram, c1971

Birth Purification narrated by Durga Ram, c 1967-68

Sugar Cane 1 narrated by Tati's older brother, 1967

Sugar Cane 2 narrated by Ramborti, 1967

Shaving Baby's Hair and Getting Married narrated by Budae and Budri, c1967-68


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pdf Slipping down in river (120 KB)  narrated by Ramboti, c 1967-8

pdf Weeding (177 KB)  narrated by Gunji's grandmother, c 1968

pdf Durga's birth account (115 KB)  narrated by Durga, 1972

pdf Friends #1 (205 KB)  narrated by Budri, c 1967-8

default Baby's Naming Ceremony (59 KB)  by Durga, c 1967-9

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