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A definition text in Halbi is one in which the language assistant attempts to explain the meaning of a word or phrase.
These definition texts usually describe what something is by using an example from everyday life.


Toggle Title Date Download
pdf CC-1: Oaths Download (pdf, 129 KB)
pdf E-42: Auspiciousness Download (pdf, 125 KB)
pdf E-66: Curses Download (pdf, 144 KB)
pdf E-74 : Defining niti Download (pdf, 142 KB)
pdf E-85: Diviner Download (pdf, 137 KB)
pdf E-86: Sirha Download (pdf, 140 KB)
pdf E-87: Ponjear Download (pdf, 145 KB)
pdf E-89: Phujari Download (pdf, 142 KB)
pdf EM-1: Measurements Download (pdf, 167 KB)
pdf LW-1: Fate Download (pdf, 137 KB)
pdf LW-2: Enjoy Fruits of Life Download (pdf, 144 KB)
pdf LW-4: God Oath Download (pdf, 149 KB)
pdf LW-5: Oaths Download (pdf, 149 KB)